We are a non-profit organization founded in 2001, after certain social and economic needs were detected in the neighborhood of Las Tunas, a populous community located on the edge of the arroyo Las Tunas, one of the arms of the Reconquista River in Tigre, and adjacent to Nuevo Delta area. Las Tunas is inhabited by over 45,000 people, mostly socially vulnerable families.


To create opportunities for the integral development of vulnerable communities within the Nuevo Delta area by promoting active participation from relevant institutions and neighbors as forces of change.


We seek to promote the development of neighboring vulnerable communities through the implementation of projects, networking with other organisations.


  • Spirit of service
  • Symmetry in relations
  • Commitment
  • Social Sense
  • Human Promotion

Past, present and future

In 2004, as part of a common project between Fundación Nordelta, Fundación Renault and Tigre Municipality, the Centre of Prevention and Assistance in Nutrition (CEPAN) was inaugurated in Las Tunas, born as a CONIN centre. Different activities are developed in this space, coordinated by Fundación Nordelta and the Municipality regarding the prevention and assistance health programmes respectively.

Working in four different areas (Education, Health, Community Development and Training & Employment), we founded our Centre of Educative Capacitation in Las Tunas, where we offer our comprehensive accompanying programmes, and at the beginning of 2018, we opened our institutional and administrative headquarters in Nordelta.

Throughout these past years, we have grown both quantitatively and qualitatively, have expanded our social impact and our intervention areas, always focused on our mission: improving the quality of life of neighboring vulnerable communities.

The dynamism of the society we live in, and the needs of the communities we are working with, made us re-think and challenge ourselves and our work, to design and advance towards a 10-year plan aimed at achieving a sustainable and more efficient social impact.

We embarked upon a process of investigation and diagnosis headed by an external consulting firm, and began to develop a new path, designing a strategy that will lead us where we want to be: being a sustainable and leader organisation which integrates communities and works for the education and integral development of human beings.



Adrián Sasse

Vice president
Edgard Pron

Dante Galeazzi

José María Kugler

María Teresa Costantini


Constanza de Elizalde
Gabriela González Mercuri
Juan Carlos Muracciole
Paola Negrete
Martín Sánchez Bazán
Adrián Sucari
Roberto Tizado
Eduardo Costantini
Inés Moronta


Executive Director
María Lagos

Articulation And Social Projects
Milagros Barrera

Volunteering And Community
Sylvina Gonzalez Venzano

Communication And Events
Lucas Orio

Erica Martinez

Aldana Arcagni

Logistics And Transfers
Emilio Aguilera

Intervention areas

We listen to their needs, and co-create projects in accordance with our mission and strategy.

We own the tools, methodology and human resources to design and carry out social programmes in the neighbouring communities of Nuevo Delta, in alliance with institutions that already work in each community and addressing the emerging needs.

FND in numbers

Total Outcomes

1277 beneficiaries


people were capacitated in our course

mothers and babies go through our course

kids participate in our educational programs

adolescents are supported in our educational and recreational programs



Educational Equity
and Opportunities

Fundación Nordelta promotes values regarding educational equity and health habits in children and youngsters who live in vulnerable communities bordering Nordelta.

Moreover, it encourages training and employment opportunities for them.


Accompanying Programmes

With the value of Education as the cornerstone of our programmes, we design activities destined to the range from 0 to 25/30 years old. Each stage is articulated with other programmes such as Healthy Habits, Creativity, Sports and Art.

Total Outcomes
954 beneficiaries


and Community

Fundación Nordelta facilitates programmes and opportunities to promote equity values and social commitment among neighbours of Nordelta and other private communities. Our Volunteering programme has a double purpose: to do specific actions and transmit values and motivational attitudes.

Volunteering activities:

  • Knitting
  • Donation classification
  • Toy repairing
  • Conbeca scholarship programme
  • School support
  • DALE (Right to Read and Write)
  • Fairs and Events
  • Children’s Day
  • Shared Christmas


Volunteering and Community Initiatives

Donations Centre
We are creating a centre of donations in order to have a centralized and controlled system and manage donations more efficiently.

Promotion and exchange
Getting to know our neighbours is one of our biggest challenges. We are developing workshops, activities and campaigns with them in private neighbourhoods in Nordelta.

Volunteering training
We are creating a volunteering school to train qualified volunteers in line with our values. Volunteers trained in our school may do volunteer work for us or for other organizations.


Triple Impact
Business Models

Fundación Nordelta promotes institutional alliances with organizations, companies and stores of the Nordelta area, and plays a key role in the construction of triple impact business models.


  • Volkswagen Argentina – Delivery de Solidaridad
  • Rescates de Frutas y Verduras en Alianza con Banco de Alimentos de Balcarce, BASF y VW Argentina
  • Shell Nordelta Estación de Servicio Comprometida con el Desarrollo Local – Colgate Palmolive – Palmolive
    Campaña “Sonrisas Brillantes, Futuros Brillantes”


Conscious Education

Fundación Nordelta works closely with Nordelta schools with the mission of working the value of integration with children and their families.


Network Empowerment

Fundación Nordelta works as a local model organization, promoting collaborative spaces for the strengthening of the network of organizations working in communities of Las Tunas, Alge, El Lucero and San Luis.

We promote the articulation and dialogue spaces among all the social actors for the creation of new projects of social development and environment improvement in neighbourhoods.


Integration Models

Fundación Nordelta designs replicable integration models along with the private and public sectors, and vulnerable communities in Alge, El Lucero, and San Luis.

Network of Institutional Partners

General objectives

Promote integration initiatives with commercial and educational organizations that generate social, economic and environmental value for the neighborhoods of Nuevo Delta.

Events and campaigns 2019-2020

  • Gnocchi Solidario Con Tutti A Tavola
  • Conferencias En Alianza Con Judaica Norte: Dr. Bernardo 
  • Kliscksberg Y Estanislao Bachrach
  • Maraton Club Nordelta
  • Feria De Navidad En Colegio Northlands
  • Campaña Prevención Y Control De Lunares 2019
  • Evento Navidad Compartida 2019 En Chateau Portal
  • Campaña “Vuelta Al Aula”
  • Campaña “Aislados Si, Indiferentes No”
  • Eventos Cruzada Solidaria“Un Millón De Amigos” y Alta En El Cielo
  • Campaña Control Oftalmológico Y Óptica